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List of Adult Affiliates

New to the adult business?

If you are new to the adult business, you may wonder on how to make money with a tube site. The easiest way ist to either sell your traffic to ad networks or to place ad to so-called sponsors, who pay money for singups.

Searching for new opportunities?

So you already own an established porn site and make some money? Good for you - but you might can do better! There are TONS of premium sites, who all pay you to bring them visiors - Especially, when you run a free niche site! Just pick one of the categories above to find a new site which might be a goldmine. We look through all programs from time to time to bring you fresh and nice sites. Promoting an outdated site is the worst you can do and we can help you to promote the best only. That also means that programs get kicked off from this site, so we can't be blamed for promoting a promotion where you don't get any money from.

The best adult affiliate programs

We know that there are more sponsors out there and maybe we also missed 1-2 good sites we just don't know. But you can be sure than it does not matter which site you are going to promote: We only have good programs here. All of them have a good conversion rates or at least performed very well at the time we have added them. They all pay and have good support if you need any help. Getting traffic converted always depends on the traffic you get of course, but if you know your niche, I am pretty sure you will make some money with the programs we feature here.

We miss an affiliate program

Holy cash cow, Batman! Lets us know! Please check out our About page on how to get listed.